13 September 2007

soy inmigrante

hi, i´m an immigrant. i didn´t realize this until last night. or maybe it was this morning on the metro on the way to class. i have an american passport, yes, but for as much as i try to adapt to spanish life by the way i dress, the way i speak, the way i listen to my mp3 player on the metro, the more i realize that i am different. i´m in a foreign country. i like it, and i relate in many ways to it, but there are just some things that are easier by being a citizen or at least a long-term resident.

isnt´t that my case as a christian, though? aren´t i supposed to be set apart by the way i think, act, speak from those in the world?

sí, soy inmigrante.

05 September 2007

the rain in spain

i made it safe & sound to madrid last monday morning (3 sept), despite some rough turbulence in the north atlantic. that was not fun! but, sunny & rather cool here in madrid is a great change from the georgia heat--and just when i was getting used to it, too. it´s a funny feeling to be back here in madrid for an extended time. i don´t feel the culture shock i felt 4 years ago. it feels like coming home. maybe i never really let go of madrid. it's been a welcoming experience getting reacuainted with the city, though i think my english may have suffered a bit. ;)

it's been a week, and we're still looking for a flat. not too much: 3 bedroom, within 30 minutes walking distance from downtown, relatively close to a metro stop, and for under 1500 euros a month. honestly, it shouldn't be that hard to track one down. we've called and called and if they're not already rented (which has been the majority of the cases) they're too far away or too small or too dirty. but, here's to trying. the air1.com verse of the day for today is "And so, Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in you" Psalm 39:7. pretty fitting for today. my two roomies & i have been staying with two other guys in their apartment for the past week, and though there's room, and they don't mind having us there--besides it's a whole lot cheaper than having to pay a hostal each night--we're ready to have our own home, sweet home.

in other news, classes started yesterday. i'm taking three: morfosintaxis of the spanish language, theory of teaching spanish as a second language, and cultural image of spain. it's a good schedule, too. monday and wednesday i have one class at 3:40, and tuesday and thursday i have class at 9:30 and 11. no class on friday, so my weekend starts at 12:21 on thursday afternoon. isn't that great? but, of course, there's still work to be done and cultural things to experience, so it's not a free pass.

i hope things are going well on your side of the atlantic or wherever you may be.

saludos de españa.